Millennium Alarm Systems Inc. success is attributed to the efforts of our employees and we are proud of our history and commitment to customer service since the company was established in 1998. At Millennium Alarm Systems Inc. regardless of title, the value of the work of one employee is no less¬†important than another’s. It is the spirit where working interdependently with one another and team success is as important as the individual contributions each one of us make each day. The entrepreneurial spirit and skills are encouraged within each of us. We all believe we can make a difference. We are proud of being responsible, accountable, and quick to take ownership for responding to our customer needs.

Millennium Alarm Systems Inc. is always looking for talented, energized individuals with a desire to succeed. Positions may be available in the following areas of expertise.

Sales, Installation and Service

Since we currently are conducting business in 6 states California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Colorado and Washignton, we kindly ask you to submit your resume or contact us the following way:

1) For Sales positions please call 1 (818) 636-7902.

You can also e-mail your resume to

2) For Installation and service positions please call 1 (818) 636-7902.
You can also e-mail your resume to

Millennium Alarm Systems Inc. also works closely with partners all over our license areas. Through our partner operations, Millennium Alarm Systems Inc. is able to reach out and protect customers in locations that otherwise might be unavailable. Millennium Alarm Systems Inc. only selects partners that meet our requirements and it also allows our partners to provide their customer with select services that they previously may not have been able to offer.