Close your windows and doors, burglars are in town! That used to be what people did to protect their home from breaking and entering, but today’s security screen technology says differently. Millennium Alarm Systems’ security screen systems allow you to fully enjoy a breath of fresh air while still keeping your home – and your family – safe from burglars and criminals.

Our security screens are custom fitted to your doors and windows for a seamless look and undetectable but efficient protection. The slightest tampering of the screen will set off an alarm in ADT’s monitoring station, where a knowledgeable and experienced operator will notify the appropriate response team quickly and efficiently.

Millennium Alarm Systems’ security screen systems will fit almost any door or window screen, because they can be custom made and fitted to your existing doors and windows. The screen itself is made of a special mesh that is designed to send an alarm if tampered with or ripped. As with all other alarm systems, home owners can simply arm or disarm the security screens as required. All of our security screens can also be easily removed for cleaning, painting, or other activities that would require the screen to be moved.

Every one of our custom or standard security screens are made out of the most reliable and durable materials and come with the manufacturer’s warranty. We only sell the highest quality security screens and security screen systems so that you know that your home and family are safe and secure whether your windows and doors are open or closed.

Don’t let your fear of burglars and criminals prevent you from enjoying a nice breeze on a hot summer day. Trust Millennium Alarm Systems to fit your home with the very best in security screen systems and go about your daily life with confidence and peace of mind.